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The Seventh Seal Group 

About Us

THE SEVENTH SEAL GROUP, INC. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to educating and empowering youth and individuals in the area of Career and Personal development. Our goal is to introduce our vocational theory and teach strategies and techniques to help individuals reach beneath the surface and uncover real ambitions and desires.  

Beyond helping individuals think outside the box, we open up their minds to create their own stream of possibilities. Through Seminars, Workshops, Internships, and Apprenticeships, the Seventh Seal Group assists individuals with effective career exploration and enhanced decision making skills.

  • We customize your workshop to meet your needs
  • The Seventh Seal Group services all age groups


Affiliated Organizations


YTE (Young Talent Experience)  —-  YTE+LOGO+always+use+this+one

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Rising Star Music Awards—  rising star awards

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